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Temperature, pyrosales, BDT, DM640, GDT-R / GDT-C, GDT-SW-R / GDT-SW-C

Mô tả: BDT, DM640, GDT-R / GDT-C, GDT-SW-R / GDT-SW-C
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Model BDT - Bimetal Dial Thermometer Temperature Gauge

Suitable for most industrial applications

Temperature range (-) 50°C to 600°C

Rigid stem with bottom or back entry and available in every angle rotatable construction Accuracy ± 1%FSD

High repeatability, low hysteresis

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Model DM640 - Digital Temperature Gauges

DM640 Series

  • Battery powered
  • RTD or TC input options
  • Push button configureable
  • 4 digit display
  • Housing ABS plastic or stainless steel
  • Sealed to IP67
  • 10 year warranty
  • Atex approved in ABS housing




Model GDT-R / GDT-C - Gas Filled Dial Thermometer

Wide temperature range (-)200 to 800°C

Almost any length stem can be offered without loss of accuracy

Capillary length up to 25m Inert (N2 gas), non hazardous, non toxic nature of the filled systems makes it an ideal choice for a cross section of industries

Suitable for sanitary application

All SS construction

Rigid stem or capillary type

Fast response High reliability and accuracy ± 1% FSD

Ordering Information:

GDT-R - Rigid Stem

GDT-C - Capillary Type



Model: GDT-SW-R / GDT-SW-C - TypeLiquid Filled Dial Thermometer Temperature Gauge

Combines indication with switching in order to make or break the associated electrical circuit Can be offered with contact assembly as well as microswitch (as a combination of switch and movement)

Fast response

Switching accuracy ± 2% FSD High repeatability and low hysteresis Flameproof version available

Ordering Information:

GDT-SW-R - Rigid Stem

GDT-SW-C - Capillary Type



1 Thermocouple ISA-T-6-K-A-300-I-S-A-0-0
2 Thermocouple GPB-T-6-J-CI-300-250-PVC
3 Thermocouple ISA-T-6-J-C-300-I-S-KB-0-0
5   GPB-T-6-K-A-I-300-250-PVC
100 Deg C
8 Temperature

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BSM nut sanitary seal
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57 Thermowells Thermowells Machined from Barstock
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59 Thermowells Machined from Barstock TW-FP
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61 Thermowells Machined from Barstock TW-FT
62 Thermowells Machined from Barstock TW-SP
63 Thermowells Machined from Barstock TW-SS
64 Thermowells Machined from Barstock TW-ST
65 Thermowells Machined from Barstock TW-WT I
66 Thermowells Machined from Barstock TW-WT II
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96  General Purpose Controllers SA200 Series 
104 RKC products  AE500 indicator 
105 RKC products  COM series protocol converters 
106 RKC products  CB100/900L limit or ‘lockout’ 
107 RKC products  CVM open collector converters
108 RKC products  CZ melt‐pressure sensors 
109 RKC products  D100/900Z motor controllers  
110 RKC products  EP4 motor controller 
111 RKC products  F9000 0.000~50.000 Pt100 
high accuracy 
112 RKC products  HA430/930 melt‐pressure 
113 RKC products  HBA series heater break alarms 
114 RKC products  MA900/901 4/8 zone 
115 RKC products  SP400/500 multi point 
sensor switch 
116 RKC products  SR Mini extruder control systems 
117 RKC products  SRV/SRX/SRZ series 
modular DIN rail or panel 
mount, lock‐together 
118 Solid State Relays SSR-10DA
119 Solid State Relays SSR-25DA
120 Solid State Relays SSR-40DA
121 Solid State Relays SSR-25DA-H
122 Solid State Relays SSR-40DA-H
123 Solid State Relays SSR-P03DA
124 Solid State Relays SSR-10AA
125 Solid State Relays SSR-25AA
126 Solid State Relays SSR-40AA
127 Solid State Relays SSR-25AA-H
128 Solid State Relays SSR-40AA-H
129 Solid State Relays SSR-10VA
130 Solid State Relays SSR-25VA
131 Solid State Relays SSR-40VA
132 Solid State Relays HS-50H
133 Solid State Relays HS-100H
134 Solid State Relays HS-150H
135 Solid State Relays HS-200H
136 Temperature Transmitters ALM 43
137 Temperature Transmitters ALM42
138 Temperature Transmitters ALM48
139 Temperature Transmitters Mp 82700
140 Temperature Transmitters Mp 82800
141 Temperature Transmitters Mp 88710
142 Temperature Transmitters Mp 88800
143 Temperature Transmitters Mp82710
144 Temperature Transmitters Mp82810
145 Temperature Transmitters Mp87700
146 Temperature Transmitters Mp87800
147 Temperature Transmitters Mp88810-R
148 Temperature Transmitters R/T82000
149 Temperature Transmitters R/T88000
150 Temperature Transmitters R25000
151 Temperature Transmitters R98000
152 Analogue transmitter ALM43-R
153 Analogue transmitter TXS-ALM43-R
154 Analogue transmitter TXS-ALM42-(R, K, J, T, mV)
155 Temperature Transmitters TXS-ALM48-(R,K,J,T,mV)
156 Temperature Transmitters TXS-MP82700
157 Temperature Transmitters TXS-MP82800
158 Temperature Transmitters TXS-MP82710
159 Temperature Transmitters TXS-MP82810
160 Temperature Transmitters TXS-MP87700
161 Temperature Transmitters TXS-MP87800-230
162 Temperature Transmitters TXS-R98000
163 Indicators   AE500
164 Hand Held Instruments 305TC - TYPE K Handheld Meter
165 Hand Held Instruments 307TC - Dual Input Type K Handheld Meter
166 Hand Held Instruments Delta OHM HD2307.0
167 Hand Held Instruments EMT888 Electronic Thermometer
168 Hand Held Instruments QM7216 - Digital stem thermometer
169 Hand Held Instruments TES-1314- K J T E R S N Thermometer
170 Handheld Meter DM-305TC
171 Handheld Meter DM-307TC
172 Handheld Meter DM-EMT8888
173 Handheld Meter DM-QM7216
174 Handheld Meter DM-TES1314
175 Infrared A Series Pyrometers
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181 Infrared Aluminium and Non-ferrous Pyrometers
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184 Pyrometers A150 Infrared Pyrometer
185 Pyrometers A250 Infrared Pyrometer
186 Pyrometers A250C Infrared Pyrometer
187 Pyrometers A450 Infrared Pyrometer
188 Pyrometers AL30 Infrared Pyrometer
189 Pyrometers AL390 Infrared Pyrometer
190 Pyrometers AL45 Infrared Pyrometer
191 Pyrometers AL514 Infrared Pyrometer
192 Pyrometers E250PL Infrared Pyrometer
193 Infrared Pyrometer AL30 
194  Infrared Pyrometer AL390
195  Infrared Pyrometer AL45
196  Infrared Pyrometer AL514
197 Infrared Pyrometer A250+ 
198 Infrared Pyrometer A450+ 
199 Infrared Pyrometer A450C+ 
200 Infrared Pyrometer T2-250 
201 Infrared Pyrometer T2-450 
202 Infrared Pyrometer TL8 
203 Fibre Optic A250 FO-PL 
204 Fibre Optic A450 FO-PL
205 Fibre Optic A450C FO-PL 
206 Aluminium and Non-ferrous Pyrometers AB3000 Infrared Pyrometer
207 Aluminium and Non-ferrous Pyrometers AC3000 Infrared Pyrometer
208 Aluminium and Non-ferrous Pyrometers AE3000 Infrared Pyrometer
209 Aluminium and Non-ferrous Pyrometers AM3000 Infrared Pyrometer
210 Aluminium and Non-ferrous Pyrometers FR3000 Infrared Pyrometer
211 Aluminium and Non-ferrous Pyrometers P3000 Infrared Pyrometer
212 Glass Pyrometer 450 G-2 
213 Recorders Analog Recorder 100mm (EL3000 Series)
214 Recorders Electronic Recorder 180mm (EH Series)
215 Recorders ES600 Series (60mm)
216 Recorders Graphic Recorder KR2000 Series
217 Recorders Graphic Recorder KR3000 Series
218 Recorders Hybrid Recorder 250mm (LE5000 Series)
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221 Connectors Miniature Size Connectors
222 Connectors Panel Mount STRIPS
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224 Connectors Standard Size Connectors
225 Accessories Fittings
226 Accessories Terminal Heads
227 Single
 Element Sealing
228 Multiple  Element Sealing
229 Accessories Application Specific Assemblies
230 Single Element Sealing Electrode (EG) Series
231 Single Element Sealing Electrode teflon (EGT) Series
232 Single Element Sealing HEGPK Series
233 Single Element Sealing Midlock (MK) Series
234 Single Element Sealing Packing gland (PG) Series
235 Single Element Sealing Split (PGS) Series
236 Conax Seal Fittings Multiple element sealing
237 Ceramics & Special Protection Sheaths Ceramic Sheaths, Tubes & Insulators
238 Ceramics & Special Protection Sheaths Hexoloy® SA
239 Ceramics & Special Protection Sheaths Metal Ceramic(SLT-1)
240 Ceramics & Special Protection Sheaths Series 1100 for Molten Zinc, Aluminium & Galvanizing
241 Ceramics & Special Protection Sheaths Silicon Carbide
242 Ceramics & Special Protection Sheaths Teflon Sleeved Thermowells
243 Temperature Gauges Bimetal Dial Thermometer
244 Temperature Gauges Digital 
245 Temperature Gauge Gas Filled Dial Thermometer 
246 Temperature Switch Indicating 
247 Temperature Gauge Liquid Filled Dial Thermometer 
248 Process Heating Air Heater
249 Process Heating Ceramic Band Heater
250 Process Heating Coil Heater
251 Process Heating HotRod Cartridge Heaters
252 Process Heating Silicone Rubber Heaters
253 Process Heating Mica Band Heater
254 Process Heating Tubular Heaters and Heating Bank
255 Calibration Hand Held Simulators and Calibrators
256 Calibration Nagman
257 Cable Mineral-Insulated (MI) 
258 Chino Recording and Data Logging
259 Chino Non-Contact Temperature Measurement
260 Chino Standard Sensors and Radiation Thermometers